Over 45 years of caring for mountain bluebirds

Mountain Bluebird Trails(MBT) monitors Mountain, Western and Eastern Bluebirds throughout the Northern U.S. Rocky Mountain region and coordinates the conservation efforts for interested persons or groups. MBT will work towards its goals by promoting bluebird conservation projects, conducting educational programs, distributing educational materials, collecting and sharing nesting box data, and aiding in the development of nest box trails. We've been caring for nestlings since 1974. We're proud to support the bluebird conservation movement to preserve these special birds. Read more about our history by clicking the button below!

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How Can I Help?

  • Choose a bluebird trail and erect man-made nest boxes

  • Monitor the nest boxes to improve the bluebird's survival chance, and identify and correct problems

  • Inform friends and encourage their help in monitoring your trail, or establishing one of their own!

  • Join Mountain Bluebird Trails, Inc. and donate time and funds to help insure the bluebird's future.

Some Do's and Don'ts

“If there is a magic bird, it is the bluebird: breathtakingly beautiful and eager to live near us, appearing as if conjured up by a sorcerer when we offer it a simple box where it may nest.  ”

–  Julie Zickefoose