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For the Love of Bluebirds!


Mountain Bluebird Trails (MBT) is a volunteer organization consisting of members who monitor Mountain and Western bluebirds  throughout the Northern U.S. Rocky Mountain region and coordinate the conservation efforts for interested persons or groups. MBT works toward its goals by promoting bluebird conservation projects, conducting educational programs, distributing educational materials, collecting and sharing nesting box data, and aiding in the development of nest box trails. We've been caring for nestlings since 1974.

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mountain bluebird male 2015.jpg
Female Mountain Bluebird on fence near nest box near Hilger Montana
Male mountain bluebird and female mountain bluebird sitting on tree branch

First Bluebird Sighting Contest!

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year - When the Bluebirds Return!

Prizes for First Bluebird sighting in 2023

Time to get our eyes checked, get new glasses, and get new binoculars and try to win the FIRST BLUEBIRD SIGHTING CONTEST!

Hats will be given for the 1st & 2nd  place BOTH East and West of the Divide. Idaho, North Dakota , Canada, too! Winners must be members of MBT and current with their dues.

Report sightings to Jane Brockway. My phone number is in the newsletter! CALL ME! Email doesn’t count! Your report needs to include DATE, TIME and PLACE of sighting!  You may even get to talk to my wonderful husband, Alan who puts up with my bluebirding, otherwise, leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can!


Good Luck to all you bluebirders!

2019 Mountain Bluebird Trails conference
Conference Cancelled


Unfortunately our 2023 annual meeting October 6th and 7th in Lewistown, Montana was cancelled due to lack of interest. We hope to hold the 2024 conference in Lewistown as well. 

Bluebird box on post in winter
Winterizing Boxes


After nesting season, we recommend winterizing the bluebird boxes for which you are responsible. CLICK HERE to read a paper written by Harry Powell III, PhD, on how to best winterize bluebird boxes.

Young bluebirds inside nest box
Fledgling Report


If you are maintaining bluebird boxes, you can help us count the number of fledglings this year.  CLICK HERE to download and fill out the report.

Bluebird box repair with mountain background
Do's and Don'ts


Understand the best practices for helping mountain and western bluebirds. CLICK HERE to download a document of the Do's and Don'ts for bluebird success and conservation.  

Bluebird banding at nest box
Join Us


As a member, you will support conservation efforts, preserve bluebirds and other cavity nesters, and receive our newsletter, a Mountain Bluebird Trail Monitoring Guide, window decal, and more.  CLICK HERE to download our membership brochure.

Mountain Bluebird Pair on Nest Box


Members of Mountain Bluebird Trails receive a quarterly newsletter with  tips, news, and other bluebird information.  CLICK HERE 

to download and view a free example of our newsletter.

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